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Daydreams Come Alive Atop Silhouetted Heads

Let your eyes wander across these silhouettes and get lost in the creative confusion of artist Daphna Naim's series entitled Daydreams. The Israel-based graphic designer and illustrator takes the flattened black shape of a person's silhouette and transforms it into a tiny narrative that runs along the base of each person's form. The stories range from a tree growing directly out of the top of a man's head to a full-on battle scene covering the entire skull.

My favorite part is how Naim leaves it up to us to creatively interpret what's really going on in each scene. People carrying umbrellas frolic along a man's nose, a sea of squid emerge from another man's long hair, and a city crowd goes about their business on the streets atop a woman's hair bun. Naim draws us into her fantasy world and, just like a real daydream, she allows us to escape from our surroundings for just a brief time.

Daphna Naim on Behance
via [Cosas Cool]

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