Dapper Dog Dressed in Human Clothes Is the Most Stylish Menswear Model


Meet Bodhi, the most stylish menswear model who isn’t a man at all. In case you hadn’t noticed his furry face as more than just some manly scruff, Bodhi is actually a dog. Since 2013, his humans—graphic designer David Fung and fashion designer/photographer Yena Kim—have collaboratively turned their focus on their photogenic Shiba Inu for a project aptly dubbed Menswear Dog.

Dressed from head to paw in menswear, the sometimes smiley, sometimes stoic dog wears each outfit remarkably well. Each photo looks like a brilliant Photoshop job, but it’s actually Bodhi in human’s clothing. What makes this uncanny model’s look all the more eye-catching is not only how perfectly the clothes fit, but how complementing the combinations are, like something straight out of a clothing catalog. His model-like charisma is undeniable, something Fung and Kim recognized early on.

In an interview with Fast Company, Fung said, “When we first dressed him up for fun [in spring 2013], he started posing for us, and doing like Blue Steel and Magnum. We originally posted his photo to Facebook as a gag.” The joke quickly became a full-fledged career. Over the years, the husband-wife duo have devoted their attention to Bodhi and building his budding modeling career. Bodhi has since worked on ad campaigns for Coach, American Apparel, ASOS, Brooks Brothers, Todd Snyder, Ted Baker, The Tie Bar, and much more.

Menswear Dog has even released a self-titled book. In addition to fun photos of Bodhi, the book is also a style guide for men, with plenty of tips for different looks. It is currently available to purchase through multiple stores, including Amazon.


New York, NY-05/14/15 Menswear Dog Destination Wedding

New York, NY-05/14/15 Menswear Dog Destination Wedding

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