Intimate, Close-Up Portraits of Whales by Darren Jew

Australian Darren Jew has a passion for documenting and sharing the wonders of our natural environment. WIth an adventurous spirit, the nature, wildlife, and underwater photographer has explored all across Australia, Africa, Alaska, Patagonia, and Antarctica. This serene series, entitled Whales, features a group of the underwater mammals swimming about in their natural habitat. The soothing calm of the water, illuminated by streaks of sunlight shining down from above, provides a glimpse into the impressive, wonderful universe that thrives below the surface of the sea.

Jew explains his work: “I want to communicate to people who don't know about the ocean. I want them to see how amazing it is. I know that's a broad brush statement, but for some people the ocean is a scary place. I'd like to think that they can look at my pictures and even if they are not an ocean fan, they can be intrigued, and interested and marvel at some of the amazing things that live there.” For more images, check out Jew's website and his extensive collection of these incredibly magnificent creatures.

Darren Jew's website
via [Thinx]

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