Colorful Fireworks Amazingly Morphed Into Abstract Formations

Canadian photographer David (Davey) Johnson's collection of fireworks photography is a bit different than a typical celebration in the sky. The talented photographer transforms already dazzling fireworks into all kinds of beautifully rare and abstract formations. He explores creative camera techniques to capture the light trails and unusual shapes during various fireworks shows.

Johnson uses 1-2 second long exposures to capture the unpredictable movement and colorful illumination as the explosives burst out against the night sky. He begins out of focus and quickly refocuses his lens when he hears the boom of the fireworks shooting into the air. Johnson says, “You will quickly see how the out-of-focus light refocuses and converges to a small point… creating floating sea creatures in the sky!”

If you want to try out this technique for yourself, Johnson offers a tutorial on his website that explains the process.

Davey Johnson's website
via [PDN Photo of the Day]

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