15+ Artistic Cake Decorating Ideas & Essential Supplies to Start Decorating Today

Essential Cake Decorating Supplies & Online Classes to Learn New Skills

cake decorating

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Want to give cake decorating a go? Here are some supplies to stock up on before you get started.

Remember, this list just gives the basics. Once you get going, you'll find that there are all sorts of cutters, molds, and more to help make your vision come to life.

Professional cake pans – Using the correct pans will set you up for success. Professional cake pans don't have slanted sides, which will help keep your cake straight when stacked and will cut down on having to trim edges. If you're doing tiered cakes, there are sets of round or square pans to try out.

Rotating cake decorating stand – You can't start without a good turntable stand that will allow you to ice and decorate with ease.

Cake boards – Every cake will need one of these, as a cake board gives stability to your finished dessert. For particularly large cakes, you'll want to use a thicker cake drum.

Cake leveler – Especially useful if you are making tiered cakes, this tool ensures that each layer is cut to a precise height. It will leave you with perfectly flat, professional-looking tiers.

Cake Decorating Supplies

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Offset spatulas – This essential tool is used to spread icing on your cake. Its slight angle will make sure your hand stays clear of the icing.

Bench scraper – Once you've iced your cake, a bench scraper will help you achieve a smooth appearance.

Food coloring – Put your color theory knowledge to work and start coloring your buttercream and fondant. You'll want to use gel food coloring—not liquid—for a vibrant, uniform color that doesn't change the consistency of your icing.

Piping Tips – A good set of piping tips and tubes will allow you to create all the shapes you need when decorating. Quality tips will be numbered so you can know which one to use when following a class or written instructions. And don't forget a flower nail for creating floral decorations!

Decorating bags – You can't use your tips without a good decorating bag. You'll find both disposable and reusable bags in a variety of sizes.

Cake Decorating Supplies

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Fondant smoother – This is the number one tool you'll need to ensure fondant goes on your cake smoothly and without air bubbles.

Fondant roller – While you can use any rolling pin you may have at home, fondant rollers are useful for getting the layers as thin as you'll need. They're also non-stick and some come with rings to help you roll the entire layer evenly.

Fondant cutter – This will help you trim any excess fondant from the edge of your cake or cut decorative ribbons and shapes.

Modeling Tools A good selection of tools for modeling fondant and gum paste will allow you to add detail and decorative touches to your cake.

Cake decorating kit Want to snap everything up in one go? This beginner's kit has everything you'll need to get started except the cake and icing.

Want to sharpen your skills? Try participating in an online cake decorating class. 

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