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Darth Vader Goes to Disneyland After LucasFilm Acquisition

Since it was announced earlier this week that LucasFilm has been acquired by Disney, it seems only natural that the Sith Lord would pay a visit to his new home. In a new commercial released by Disney Parks, they ask Darth Vader what he’ll be doing now that he’s part of the Disney family (mimicking their post-Super Bowl win commercials). Why, of course he’s going to Disneyland!

The lighthearted promo, which is a reworking of a previously released commercial, shows the Dark Lord and his two Stormtroopers taking in all of the attractions of the theme park. There’s no one so sinister that they can’t enjoy the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Darth Vader and his minions visit the castles, ride the rides, dig into some food and drinks (or they try to through their masks), and enjoy the fireworks. Be sure to watch the full video, below.

via [Disney Parks]

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