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17 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Complete in Less Than an Afternoon

More Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas


Crochet Basket

If you know how to crochet, try making a basket. It can be used for storage or even as a planter. Spruce Crafts has found basket crochet patterns available for free.


Iron-On Socks

Socks with witty writing are on the biggest trends for 2018. Sew Much Ado has a tutorial on how you can create your own iron-on socks to spell-out a customized message.



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Whether they ask for it or not, everyone can use a calendar. Make your gift recipient’s year a special one—even before it begins—by creating a custom calendar they can use next year. (Don’t forget to put your birthday on it!)


Photo Transfer Art on Wood

Celebrate a favorite photo or image without having to get a picture frame. Grab a piece of smooth wood and some Mod Podge to transfer it onto a rustic piece of wood in just four easy steps.


Pressed Flower iPhone Case

Make a beautiful phone case with this pressed-flower tutorial. To make the gift for the latter half of the year, select some of your favorite pressed fall foliage or evergreen sprigs.


Reusable Coffee Sleeve

Keep coffee cozy and cute with this animal-sleeve tutorial. The DIY features a fox, but you could easily adapt it to another creature of your choice.


Polaroid Coasters

Coasters have a reputation for being banal—well, no more! Similar to the photograph on wood, you’ll use a favorite set of pictures and Modge Podge to transfer them onto ceramic tiles. When complete, they’ll look like Polaroid pictures scattered across a coffee table.


Embroidered Handkerchief

Grab a handkerchief, either new or vintage, and embroider a design onto. Looking for something super easy? Try your gift recipients initials. If you need help getting started, watch these YouTube videos to learn the most popular embroidery stitches.


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