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Clever Pizza Cutter Doubles as a Tiny Fixed-Gear Bicycle

If you love riding bicycles and eating pizza (and let’s face it – who doesn’t?) then DOIY’s Fixie Pizza Cutter is made with you in mind. The Barcelona-based company designed a miniature bike that also cuts your pie into neat slices. This whimsical utensil is modeled after a fixed-gear cruiser, and comes complete with tiny handlebars, a seat, and two stainless steel tires that rotate and double as razor-sharp slicers. The watermelon and bumblebee color combinations divide your pizza in style as the fixie easily glides through cheese, toppings, and crust.

Products like the Fixie Pizza Cutter make ordinary tasks entertaining. Their functional and fun designs ask us to embrace the light-hearted side of things. DOIY produces an abundance of other objects that they call “happy design gifts,” which, like the bikes, also marry practicality and humor. Their other amusing items include ear-shaped pencil sharpeners, Foosball drink openers, and Polaroll, a camera that doubles as a toilet paper roll holder.

DOIY website
via [designboom]

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