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Quirky South Korean Cafe is Shaped Like a Rolleiflex Camera

There’s an unusual place in the world where you can drink coffee in a building that’s shaped like an enormous Rolleiflex camera. Located about six miles east of Seoul, South Korea, the Dreaming Camera Cafe is two-storey building that’s both a coffee shop and a miniature camera museum. The unique combination makes this place a must-visit if you’re a fan of photography and lattes.

This quirky place was the brainchild of a former helicopter pilot for the South Korean Air Force. He and his family love photography and cameras, and wanted to create a place dedicated to them. Their idea is unusual, but it’s a delightful novelty that’s open everyday to the public. So, take a seat and sip a tea as you enjoy the view from a camera-lens window.

Dreaming Camera Cafe Facebook page
via [Colossal, Petapixel, and DIY Photography]

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