Photographer Scours NYC’s Streets Looking for Dogs with Unique Personalities

Photographer Elias Weiss Friedman (or @thedogist) walks the streets of NYC wearing kneepads as he searches for his latest model. “I wear kneepads underneath my pants, which makes getting on their level comfortable,” the artist explains. “I'm looking for something that stands out: a funny outfit, a funny haircut, a rare breed.” As you've probably guessed already, Friedman photographs the dogs of New York and, oftentimes, he finds exactly what he's looking for in this city's unique pups–especially when the owners offer him a behind-the-scenes take of their furry friend's life.

With treats, a tennis ball, and lens wipe (for slobber) in hand, the photographer continues to encounter various canines who teach him a lot about the city he calls home. “It's a big city. It's easy to feel lonely. A dog is sort of the antidote. What you look forward to coming home to every day,” Friedman told 6sqft. “Uptown, in, and around Central Park, they're bigger breeds. Downtown it's mixed up and there are a lot of big and small dogs because the apartments vary in size. In Brooklyn you have more mixes because there are a lot of rescue dogs, hound mixes, and pit mixes. There are interesting correlations, but there are many exceptions.”

When he's not introducing himself to the dogs of NYC, the photographer works at dog shows or takes the time to promote his charity, Give a Dog a Bone, which helps shelter dogs find forever homes. To see more of Friedman's adorable collection of candid canine dog portraits, you can follow him on Instagram or buy his book.

Above: Liam Neeson, Pembroke Welsh Corgi (2 y/o) – “His mother and father are both Champions, but we don't show him. If you look closer, he stands like a ballet dancer in first position, which is not a disqualification, but a deduction.”

Hug, Bernese Mountain Dog (1 y/o) – “‘Hug', because he likes to give hugs.”

Lola, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (11 w/o) – “This is the first time she's set foot on the New York streets, though she's moving to Jackson, WY tomorrow. My family grew up with Pugs, but we needed a dog that could handle being outdoors in Wyoming. It's impossible to walk down the street with her without being stopped.”

Lola, Bergamasco (7 y/o) – “She's in her element. She loves being a clown in the snow.”

Taxi, Pit Bull mix (11 m/o) – “She was adopted from the ACC about a month ago. She was given as a gift, but the original owner couldn't care for her. She likes the squirrels and plays together well with our cat.”

Nina, Siberian Husky (7 y/o) – “Sometimes she jumps around her food to celebrate it.”

BZ, Brussels Griffon (7 y/o) – “She has an Instagram of riding on people's shoulders.”

Barak, Alaskan Klee Kai (3 y/o) – “His name means ‘lightning' and he loves apples. We taught him to kiss by holding an apple in our mouths. Some people might think that's gross.”

Plum, Standard Poodle (10 y/o) – “As her mother, I can tell you she's the greatest dog of all time.”

Rex, Bernese Mountain Dog (4 y/o) – “He's allergic to water and Ioves the snow.”

Lou, Bernese Mountain Doodle (2 y/o) –”He's from Canada.”

Indiana, Treeing Walker Coonhound mix (4 y/o) – “He's a big old derp tube.”

Chelsea, Puggle (7 m/o) – “She brings me my pajamas when she wants to sleep in my bed with me.”

Jameson, French Bulldog (11 w/o) – “He likes watching cartoons. He's recently been into Rugrats.”

Huck, Australian Shepherd (7 y/o) – “He's done some modeling.”

June, German Shepherd (2 y/o) – “Her favorite food is peanut butter and she loves to hear her own voice.”

Bodhi, Vizsla (8 y/o) – “He likes to sleep under the covers.”

Brody, Morkie (8 y/o) – “He likes to be fed with a spoon. He's a baby.”

Binky, Labrador Retriever/Cocker Spaniel mix (8 y/o) – “He's squirrel hunting today.”

Orlando, Collie/Australian Cattle Dog mix (2 y/o) – “He hates hats. He's a rescue and has some quirks. He also eats budgets.”

Campbell, Flat-Coated Retriever (4 m/o) – “She's gonna be a trouble maker. She's crazy smart. She'll get into everything.”

Brody, Dalmatian (3 y/o) – “He's the dumb jock. He's just pretty. He'll turn around in class and say, ‘Oh, I didn't know you could get pregnant that way'.”

Oscar, mix (7 y/o) – “He'll do tricks for treats.”

“We got it for him 6 months ago, but then he saw some dogs in the neighborhood and was like, ‘I want to take it for a walk'.”

The Dogist: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Give a Dog a Bone | Book
via [Instagram Blog, 6sqft]

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