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Enchanting Cinematic Photography

Russia-based photographer Kirill Vorontsov has an eye for capturing enchanting, cinematic portraits. The 22-year-old photographer shoots many of his images in his native land of St. Petersburg, Russia. However, the young artist manages to represent a variety of locations, from natural forests to industrial cityscapes. His expertise really seems to lie in evoking a range of reactions through his models. Much like a film director, Vorontsov controls a viewer’s emotions through fully orchestrated scenes caught in a still image. What’s really thrilling about looking through this young photographer’s portfolio is getting the sense of a narrative, but there being enough room for the viewer to create his or her own backstory for each character. You can see more of Vorontsov’s photography on his Flickr page where you can play out your own story.

Kirill Vorontsov’s Flickr and deviantART

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