Wonderful Miniature Landscapes Recreated with Wool

The eruption of a volcanos is one of the most violent occurrences in nature. During a period of volcanic activity, various gases and hot lava are expelled into the surrounding environment and, when that happens, it seems like it's best to be far, far away from the area! In some of these images, it appears that one Canadian-Hungarian photographer can't resist being close to the action.

In reality, it turns out that photographer Eszter Burghardt is quite the master illusionist. The artist conjures up these volcano scenes using wool and colored lights to create mini natural landscapes. She takes macro photographs, using the right angle and depth of field, to make the scenes appear realistic. Once viewers are aware of the truth, it's incredible to see how the rough wooly material adds to the intensity of each scene. Burghardt's collection of Wooly Sagas also features many calmer landscapes, including valleys, icy streams, and grassy brooks.

In addition to her creativity with textile fibers, Burghardt is also very skilled at building scenes with food. Using all kinds of seeds, crumbs, and powders, she mimics the isolated geography of Iceland in her Edible Vistas here.

Eszter Burghardt's website
via [Colossal]

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