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Exclusive Interview: Photographer Behind The Color Project

A few days ago we wrote about fine art photographer Adrien Broom's ambitious undertaking, The Color Project. Over the course of eight months, Broom will be creating eight magical rooms, each dedicated to one specific color (except the last one which is the full spectrum). The multimedia story will one day become a children's book, a short film and even viewable on a tablet. As she's stated, “My intention is to create something that will reignite the joy of discovery through creation, imagination and simplicity.”

We got in touch with the Brooklyn-based creative for this exclusive one-on-one interview where we got to ask her what lessons she's learned along the way (she's halfway through) and what she hopes others get out of this exciting project.

You're halfway done. What have you learned from this project?
So far, I think the big takeaway is to take the time. Originally, I would stress about building times and shooting times, trying to fit everything into a very specific tight schedule. With this project, it seems to make more sense to stretch out the building process and let all those creative ideas have time to breath and develop. Another thing I've learned is that asking for help is invaluable. I have had wonderful, random people come out of the woodwork and just want to be a part of this. Having people come in and help on our “arts and crafts days” adds another level of collaboration, inspiration and joy to this project.

What are some funny or inspiring stories you could share?
Having live animals on set is always tricky and usually hilarious. A friend brought over a few pet chicks for the yellow shoot. We spent most of the afternoon chasing them around the studio, the makeshift gate around the set we made for them definitely wasn't enough to contain them.

Can you tell us about the girl in the story? How do you know her and how old is she?
Our beautiful explorer through this story is young Annie. I found her through a modeling agency and couldn't be more happy with her if i tried. One of my favorite parts of this process is when Annie comes in for a shooting day and we get to unveil the new world to her. I think she loves being a part of this project just as much as I do, she even gave me some money out of her piggy bank to help fund the Kickstarter. Made my heart swell.

What's been the most fun room to create or the most challenging?
Every set is different, and every one holds its own rewards and challenges. Getting the insanely heavy red telephone booth into my studio was challenging, we had to take the door of and have four guys lean it though, we broke two dollies. The yellow room was the most exciting for me so far. We spent so long weaving hundreds of sparkly lights throughout the set, but once you hit the switch it transformed you into a mystical land I hadn't even imagined, it was so exciting.

What do you hope others get out of The Color Project?
I hope others are drawn to the simplicity of the story but also drawn in by all the details. Finding beauty in simplicity is a goal for my art, like some form of meditation. I hope it will quiet and inspire the minds of the viewer.

Can you give us a hint of what's coming next (for the other rooms)?
I think the next room I will shoot will be purple, my goal is to have some purple haze…and if i can pull it off, a unicorn!

Thanks for the interview, Adrien! Can't wait to see The World of Purple!

Adrien Broom's website

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