18-Year-Old Photographer Captures the Sublime Beauty of Majestic Mountainscapes

Fabio Zingg Landscape Photography

“Treasure island in the land of golden larches.” Isola, Graubunden, Switzerland

Eighteen-year-old Swiss photographer Fabio Zingg first became interested in photography during a family vacation two years ago, when he admittedly picked up the camera out of boredom. Since then, he has become a member of The Alpinists: a group of nine young photographers from Switzerland who explore the Alps together. From Monday to Friday he works in an office as a commercial banking apprentice, but on the weekend he explores the epic summit heights of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges, camera in tow.

“It is always a new adventure, and I am always impressed with how beautiful nature is,” says Zingg. His adventures have taken him to Italy, where he explored the Dolomites; Canada, and it’s dense, misty woodlands; Norway, with it’s impressive fjords; as well as the stunning mountains of his native Switzerland.

Zingg’s photos capture an astute appreciation of the world around him, showing consistency of tone and color that one would expect from a more mature photographer. We see rich, golden woodlands, stunning azure waters and in some shots, a person in a vibrant red jacket, emphasizing the scale and beautifully contrasting against darker, moodier hues. Zingg explains, “The larger a mountain appears and the smaller the person is, the more it becomes clear how small we truly are.”

Zingg isn’t one to keep this amazing editing to himself, though. Thanks to a recently released collection of Adobe Lightroom filter presets, anyone can now achieve his deep tone aesthetic. Keep up to date with Zingg’s epic adventures on Instagram.

18-year-old Photographer Fabio Zingg beautifully captures the incredible Swiss mountain landscapes.

Fabio Zingg Landscape Photography

“Consider a tree for a moment.” Bellwald, Switzerland.

Fabio Zingg Landscape Photography

“Moments of silence, freedom and innert peace.” Triftsee Lake, Switzerland.

Fabio Zingg Landscape Photography

“Mighty Piz Languard as the first sun light hits the peak.” Piz Languard, Switzerland.

Fabio Zingg Landscape Photography

“Pre winter vibes at Lake Derborence.” Derborence, Switzerland.

Fabio Zingg Landscape Photography

“Calm golden mornings in the Swiss Alps.” Derborence, Switzerland.

Fabio Zingg Landscape Photography

“The man in the fog.” Switzerland

He’s also travelled to the fjords of Norway.

Fabio Zingg Landscape Photography

“The famous Preikestolen right before the sun rose.” Preikestolen, Norway

Fabio Zingg Landscape Photography

“Moments at the rough Fjords.” Odda, Norway.

The misty Italian Dolomites…

Fabio Zingg Landscape Photography

“Mighty misty Dolomites.” Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italy.

Fabio Zingg Landscape Photography

“Tre Cime in all it's glory.” Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italy.

…as well as Canadian woodlands…

Fabio Zingg Landscape Photography

“Canadian vibes.” Banff, Alberta.

…and the ramped cliffs of the Faroe Islands.

Fabio Zingg Landscape Photography

“Sunrise at the green Faroese Coastline.” Faroe Islands.

Fabio Zingg: Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Fabio Zingg.

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