Fake Holidays – Reiner Riedler (10 pics)

Step into any themed park or Las Vegas casino and you'll start to understand the concept behind Reiner Riedler's Fake Holiday series. Can't take that dream trip to Paris? Why, just cross Las Vegas Boulevard and make your way from the gorgeous Italian villas to beautiful Paris! Haven't had time to check out hippos and monkeys in the wild? Why not drive on over to Disneyland and take a leisurely “Jungle” cruise down the rivers of Asia, Africa and South America?

When wishes are out of reach, we let our imaginations take over, and with the help of poorly painted walls and silly props we try and convince ourselves that we've been whisked away to paradise for a day. But is that so wrong? If we understand that there's a business behind these attractions, does it take away from the experience?

“I started my project years ago in Germany when I first saw these artificial summer beaches in the big cities like Berlin or Hamburg,” says Riedler. “After work, you go to these places, and as soon as you get off your shoes, put your feet in the sand, and hold a cold drink in your hand, you are on holiday. There are many places all over the world that deal with the same idea, and at the beginning the places are all fascinating. But the more you observe them, the more you learn about the business machinery that stands behind them.” – Reiner Riedler

Reiner Riedler
Via Good

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