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Fantastic Furry Monsters by Lisa Evans (12 total)

UK-based illustrator Lisa Evans has a knack for creating fantastic furry friends living in worlds filled with whimsy and wonder. Though in her earlier work she mainly illustrated using traditional tools like pencil, pen, and paint, these days she's been refining her digital skills, pushing forward into both 2D and 3D graphics. As she says, “Nowadays 90% of my 2D work is digitally created in Photoshop, while the remaining 10% is simple paper sketches that provide the organic structure to the image I'm making.” She continues, “Aside from being faster, working digitally gives me more control over my work and allows me to focus on creating detail and atmosphere. I don't think the purpose of digital art is to replicate pencil lines and brush strokes digitally, but to try and create something meaningful in its own terms. I often come across the idea of digital art and traditional art being opposed, with the former damaging the latter. I disagree. I think its only a matter of time before digital art becomes traditional art.” One of her goals this year is to learn 3D graphics and animation, taking her art to an even higher level. “I'm fascinated by visual effects and the possibilities it holds, and if there is a way to bring more life to my creations then I want to explore it. Like Photoshop, 3D rendering is just another tool to use.” What inspires Evans to create these magical wonderlands? “I look at a lot of other illustrators online, but I've always used illustration as a way of resolving whatever mojo is floating around in my brain. I like to be moved by what I experience in art and stories and I try to use my work as a way of provoking wee emotional responses in people,” she says.

“In the future, the predominant fuel will be jam. Three eighths of the world's surface will be covered in fluff. The favoured method of transport shall be the badger and the world's sole currency will be carpet samples. The future is a strange place, defined by the imaginations of children. But we will all be kept safe by the Keepers, gentle monsters of the soul who provide guidance and comfort. Also, cakes will fly.” Pictures by Lisa Evans. Words by Graham Smith. Lisa Evans

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