15 Fascinating Photos of Monkeys Deep in Thought

So far, we've taken a look at some incredibly expressive owls as well as some personality-filled frogs. In our search to compile the most fascinating wildlife photography, how could we not post about monkeys? The highly intelligent animals are the main subject for many photographers because they're fun to shoot and they've got wild personalities to boot.

The website Light Stalking has a whole post dedicated to how to photograph monkeys which includes such helpful tips as “Monkeys Are Thieves!: If you leave anything just lying around, then expect it to be stolen” and “Monkeys Can Be Aggressive!: While they are very cute, any wild animal deserves respect for the small fact that it is physically capable of ripping your face off.”

Today, we've put together 15 photos that show just how interesting these furred animals can be. While, for the most part, these monkeys look deep in thought, we've thrown in a few lighthearted photos, as well.

First photo credit: Look to the Heavens by Ann J. Sagel

In Dreams I Can Fly by Manuela Kulpa

Melancholy by Marsel van Oosten

Deep Thoughts by Claire Wadey

Introspection by Marsel van Oosten

Anxiety by Anton Jankovoy

I'm On a Diet! by Sid Verma

Wanna Play? by Marsel van Oosten

Thai Massage by Romain Mattei Photography

Seventh Heaven by Anton Chekalin

Monsoon by Michael Shmelev

Snowmobile by Marsel van Oosten

Sweet Dreams by Kiyo Photography

Zzz… by Kiyo Photography

Oh No, Not Again! by Marsel van Oosten

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