MMM Exclusive Interview: Journeys Through Mysterious Landscapes by Felicia Simion

20-year-old photographer Felicia Simion, who recently reached out to us to share some of her latest images, has only become more masterful at her craft since we last posted her work three years ago. Rather than confine herself to one genre of photography, the Romania-based creative dabbles in them all, mixing portraiture, landscapes, street scenes, and conceptual photography for a stunning portfolio of diverse images.

Several of her newest photos, which she labels as “dreamscapes,” follow silhouetted figures in their journeys across vast, mysterious landscapes. Wandering through surreal vistas such as endless mountain ranges and paths obscured by fog, the subjects appear small and isolated compared to the sweeping, grandiose beauty surrounding them.

According to Simion, this series follows her continuous quest in pursuit of happiness. She told us, “The choices I had to make only to escape the dull, the known and the feared. But through him (the silhouette-shaped little man), I discovered the latent feelings inside me, the passion that needed to erupt out of my chest and breathe by itself. This project is an ongoing journey where being small actually counts as great, giving me power and freedom to learn while creating.”

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask Simion a few questions about her passion and growth as a photographer. Be sure to read that exclusive interview, below.

You've labeled many of these photos “Dreamscapes.” What makes a photo a dreamscape?

A dreamscape would be a landscape that is also a dream. The “Dreamscapes” project is about places that my eyes have seen, but the conscience's language is too poor to describe the beauty within them. This is why I often think of these earth corners as dreams, projections of something that goes beyond reality.

Why do you photograph?

I photograph because I need to. I cannot explain it through reason. It is something that transcends my humanity and its fleeting character. Art elevates me; it places me into a new dimension where my imagination has no boundaries. And thus, I am perpetually thankful for the moment when I first thought of becoming a photographer.

What do you hope viewers take away from your beautiful work?

I hope that, even just for an instant, they feel inspired and touched, perhaps by recognizing themselves in the narrative of the picture, or simply adhering to the general mood of it. Sometimes I receive messages from people telling me they've been looking at my gallery for 6-7 hours, and they feel something has changed inside them. I cannot help but wonder at their words, but the more I read them, the more they give me power to keep creating.

You've come a long way since you first started photographing and posting your images on sites like deviantART as a young teen. How has your photography evolved over the years?

I feel like I have become much more selective with my own photos, as well as others'. I have gained a lot of confidence, which has helped ease the fears concerning my future as a photographer – that is, most of the time, filled with uncertainty and spontaneity, but I do not complain of it. Even more dreams and hopes are now bursting out of me, and I know I am closer to becoming a much better version of my young teen, without losing the curiosity, the passion, the “ignition”.

In your eyes, what makes an outstanding image?

“Outstanding” is something I cannot forget. Something that lasts, like a memory I wouldn't let go of. When I think of outstanding images, I see Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sally Mann, Steve McCurry, and the list can go on and on. It's about images that possess immortality, being true paintings with light.

Much like the figures in your photos, you are wandering down your own path in life. Where do you hope that path eventually takes you?

Well, I hope I won't find that out too soon, hehe. I hope this path will lead me to a life full of adventure, good humour and gallons of love. I hope to meet talented people along the way and gain experiences which can only be conquered through art. If one day someone comes and tells me “You can make a living by travelling and capturing life”, I will probably have to hug the heck out of that person.

Thanks so much for the interview, Felicia!

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