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Manipulations of Space Create Mesmerizing Optical Illusions

These colorful optical illusions by photographer Georges Rousse are so mesmerizing! In his work, the Paris-based artist transforms deserted buildings into site-specific artwork. He arranges materials and paints that blend with the architecture, and then documents and presents the work through photography. Each visually complex creation redefines general perceptions of space.

It’s easy to first assume that the compositions are the result of a digital manipulation, however, in reality they are created, by hand, by an artist with an incredible sense of perspective. Viewers are instantly challenged to understand how the shapes, colors, and architecture fit together. Rousse limits that perspective by converting the three dimensional area into a flat photograph. In doing so, he invites his viewers to experience the artwork through a combination of reality and their own imagination.

According to Rousse’s bio, “The final photographic image perturbs our visual habits and convictions by presenting three kinds of space: the real space, where he makes his installations; an imaginary utopian space, which the artist invents and then carefully builds at his chosen site; and a new space that is visible from only one spot when he clicks the camera shutter, and exists only in the photo.”

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