24 Creative Gifts for Dog Owners That You Can Find on Etsy

Gifts for Dog Owners

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Shopping for others can often be more fun than shopping for yourself—and shopping for dogs? Well, that's the most fun of all. Even if Fido can't say “thank you,” seeing the inquisitive tilt of his head, the tip-tapping of happy paws, and excited tail wags is satisfaction enough.

You may ask yourself what should I gift my puppy or another pet owner? Or perhaps you're wondering where can I get a gift for dog lovers? Etsy is a fabulous site to find creative products of all categories, but one simple search can oftentimes lead you down a rabbit hole of thousands of choices. To keep your life simple, we've combed through the options and picked out the best gifts for dog owners. From tagless collars to personalized dog bowls to decorative crate covers, we've got your shopping list covered.

Scroll down to see some awesome gifts both dogs and their human parents will surely adore. (And if you're looking for customized gifts for humans on Etsy, check out their Editors' Picks.)

Whether you're a new dog owner or a dog mom of three, this list of products from Etsy might be the ultimate wishlist.


Fashionable and Functional

Most of the time, you know a dog is coming when you hear the distinct “clinking” sound of a dog tag—but for pet parents who want all the benefits of a dog tag with a little less noise, there are tagless dog collars. So you can have your fur baby's name on their collar as an ID tag without the metal plates jangling against itself or hitting their leash.


Laser Engraved Metal Buckle Dog Collar

Engraved Dog Collar

Mimi Green | $45.95


Embroidered Dog Collar

Tagless Dog Collar

Harmon Mae Pups | $19.99+


Reflective Dog Collar With Laser Engraved Metal Buckle

Reflective Tagless Dog Collar

Gift Engraver | $10.99+


Investing in Playtime

Old or young, no matter the dog breed, our furry friends love to play. However, if you feel like finding new fun toys is impossible, check out these custom and quirky ones that caught our eye. Many of them incorporate hidden dog treats that your best dog will happily work hard to sniff out and eat. It's a puzzle for them that promotes brain activity.


Squeaky Duck Toys

Three squeaky toys for dogs that look like ducks

LLGoodsStore | $3.99+


Corn Chew Toy


Personalized Pizza Dog Toy

Pizza Dog Toy

Dog N Mat | $25


Matcha Boba Milk Tea Dog Toy


Taco Snuffle Dog Treat Toy

Taco snuffle dog toy

DogNmat | $29.50


Staying Warm

Help your best buddy fare all of the season’s worst weather in adorable apparel—including sweaters, jackets, and coats. Bonus: they'll make for the cutest photos.


Cozy Dog Sweater

Dog Fleece Coat

HappyPooch | $52.27+


Monogrammed Small Dog or Puppy Sweater

Personalized Dog Sweater

Buba Dog | $31+


Dog Hoodie

Dog wearing a gray dog hoodie

HappyPooch | $47.51


Lightweight Quilted Dog Jacket

Gifts for Dog Owners

Paw2paws | $32.99


Dog and Human Matching Sweatshirt


Sprucing Up Mealtime

If it's your dog's favorite time of the day, why not make it even more special with some new flatware? Ceramic food and water bowls add an elegant touch to your dog's dining area and elevated dog feeders make life easier on taller canines.


Personalized Food and Water Bowls

Ceramic Dog Bowls

Susabellas | $45.95+


Elevated Dog Feeders

Elevated Dog Feeder

Howl and Home | $254.77 



Between collars, leashes, toys, and crates, dogs accumulate quite the collection of material possessions. Fortunately, there are many elegant ways to organize their lives as well as your own.


Minimalist Toy Box


Personalized Dog Toy Basket

Dog toy basket that says Tucker's Toys on it

CW8SHOP | $12.74


Add-On Dog Crate Covers

Dog Crate Table Cover

Kelser Made | $269+


Crate Table


Modern Dog Bed With Acrylic Door


Braided Dog Bed

Braided Dog Bed

Hunting Pony | $209.27+


Dog Clothing Rack


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