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The Giant Traveling Skeleton

Late Italian artist Gino De Dominicis was a man of mystery whose works often exhibited a surrealistic look at the human form, elongating, contracting, and distorting physical elements. His enormous sculptural piece titled Calamita Cosmica, translated as “Cosmic Magnet”, follows the multifaceted artist's scheme of work. The 28-meter-long anomaly depicts an anatomically correct human skeleton, with the exception a pointy, beak-like nose in classic De Dominicis fashion.

Despite having passed away in 1998, the sculptor's piece has continued to tour the world, popping up in cities across the globe. There are many reports on the Internet that pinpoint the sculpture's whereabouts, leaving markers all over Europe–Milan, Versailles, Belgium. Forget Carmen San Diego, where in the world is Calamita Cosmica? According to several accounts, the sculpture has settled in Rome at MAXXI, the National Centre of Contemporary Arts.

via [Amusing Planet]

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