Gladiators Returns to Coloseum after 2,000 years!

What better way to imagine real gladiators fighting than experiencing the event yourself. (That or just watch Russel Crowe in Gladiator…jk.) Almost 2,000 years after gladiators fought and died in the Coliseum, millions of visitors will next year be able to witness reenactments the “the sights, sounds and smells” of Ancient Rome. Smells? Umberto Broccoli, the head of archaeology at Rome city council, is assuring us that this won't be some kind of fake, cheesy Disneyland show either. Instead it'll be an “educational tool for bringing the spirit of antiquity alive. During fight displays visitors will hear descriptions of the gladiators' life and customs by Seneca, the 1st-century philosopher and imperial adviser.” I'm thinking more History channel than ABC family special. Sam and I were lucky enough to visit the Coliseum this past Spring and though our experience was enhanced by our knowledgeable tour guide, it would probably have been much more memorable if we could have seen this kind of show.

Found via Times Online

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