Awesome GIFs of Scientific Experiments

Hydrogen Peroxide Mixed With Potassium Iodide

Scientific experimentation has yielded many anomalies, baffling the senses, and Imgur user Gloryholio has amassed some of these visually awe-inspiring experiments into a series of gifs. Luckily, Redditor preggit has shared the scientific set, allowing viewers to look on in amazement at the wonders of science.

Whether they reveal a foamy surge shooting upward from mixing two liquid ingredients in a tube or a simple look at smoke being blown into a soapy bubble, there's something about these gifs that puts a smile on one's face and takes them back to science class in elementary school. Many of the animated graphics seem as though there is some sort of special effects or magic involved, but all that's presented are actions met with scientific reactions.

Explosive Polymerization of p Nitro Aniline

Make a bubble with smoke instead of air

Dip a spoon of gallium in a glass of hot water

Push two identical clouds of smoke

Dissolving a tablet in weightlessness

Set fire to smoke

Create a vacuum in an empty tank

Setting fire to a energy-saving lamp

Lithium On Fire

Following A Jellyfish With Green Dye

Overturned glass with smoke

via [reddit]

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