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"Floating" Record Player Integrates Gravity-Defying Design with Function

The Floating Record by Gramovox is a sleek record player that values aesthetic presence as much as the warm sound that vinyl produces. Fashioned as a vertically-oriented player, it creates the illusion that the thin, plastic disk is levitating.

The Gramovox philosophy is to reimagine vintage audio design with modern technology. “We yearned for a visceral vinyl experience that showcased the record as both art and a medium to produce analog sound,” the company writes. With both these priorities in mind, the Floating Record prominently displays album art while offering audiophiles a functioning record player.

In addition to giving an attractive scope of the record itself, the device comes manufactured in an aesthetically pleasing wood base–walnut or maple. It features full-range stereo speakers, vibration-dampening feet, and an adjustable carbon-fiber tone-arm. You can also switch between a 33 ? or 45 RPM record by simply moving the silicon belt over the inner or outer groove of the middle gear.

Gramovox designed their product as an all-in-one piece. So whether it’s your first time using a record player or your hundredth, there is very little experience needed to set it up. You don’t have to install a cartridge, set the tracking force, or purchase additional speakers. Just pull the Floating Record out of the box and start playing tracks within minutes.

Gramovox is currently raising funds for Floating Record through an already-successful Kickstarter campaign. You still have about a month to preorder one for yourself.

Gramovox: Website | Kickstarter
via [Design Milk]

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