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British Olympic Athletes All Used Same Luggage, Had a “Fun” Time Finding Their Bag at the Airport

In the aftermath of the Rio Olympic Games, Team Great Britain—which brought home 67 medals and finished second overall—faced their biggest challenge yet: finding their luggage. Each of the 366-strong Team GB members carried identical red luggage to the Games, causing great confusion at the Heathrow baggage claim, as athletes spent tedious hours searching through bag after bag. “Mine’s the red one!!” says a humorous tweet by windsurfer Nick Dempsey.

Through the unfortunate process, the team managed to keep a light and playful attitude. Many athletes tweeted videos and photos that are quite entertaining. Rower Matt Langridge even said that finding his bag may have been more difficult than racing in the Olympics! After a few hours of sorting suitcases into piles and laughing it off, the Olympians recovered their correct bags and were welcomed home by their adoring fans—who love them no matter whose luggage they brought home.

Scroll through to see a few of the images accompanied by funny Tweets from Team GB!

Above photo credit: Nick Dempsey/@nickdempsey1

Despite the chaos and mayhem of playing “spot the bag” in Heathrow Airport…

“Baggage collection could be interesting.” -Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic Team (@TeamGB)

“Anyone seen my red bag?” -Alex Gregory (@AlexGregoryGB)

“Carnage!” -Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark (@470Girls)

“Can anyone find my red bag? It’s identical to the other 900… What a fantastic problem to have!!” – Sophie Ainsworth ?(@SASailing)

“Finding my bag could prove more challenging than the racing.” -Matt Langridge (@matt_langridge8)

…Team GB had no trouble spotting their biggest fans.

Photo credit: @TeamGB

via [Mashable]

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