Quirky Stemware Instantly Turns a Bottle of Wine Into a Giant Glass

Guzzle Buddy Spout For Bottle Of Wine

Attention, wine lovers! There’s a new must-have accoutrement that will make sipping (or gulping) your favorite vintage even more enjoyable. Introducing Guzzle Buddy, a customized glass that eliminates “boring pouring” and instantly transforms any bottle into an indulgent drink-for-one. The ingenious invention’s construction is simple; Guzzle Buddy is just a typical wine glass whose stem has been replaced with a spout. The spout easily screws into the mouth of a standard wine bottle, creating a hybrid vessel that prevents spilling and, more importantly, allows you to start swigging faster.

While the product itself has only recently hit Amazon, the concept is a couple years old—and, surprisingly, it all started with a sitcom. Randy Rofthus, the company’s sales manager, explained to Decanter that the Guzzle Buddy actually made its debut in a 2014 episode of Cougar Town, when it was introduced à la a silly mock infomercial. “We saw that episode and then went on a hunt to find it,” Rothfus explains. “However, no one had come up with it yet so we made it.” They were so excited by Cougar Town's approach to the invention that they kept the design, the quirky name, and even the catchy tagline: “You just plug it and chug it!”

Though Guzzle Buddy was inspired by a funny fictional contraption and predominantly intended to entertain, Rothfus notes its high-quality composition and durability, explaining that it is composed of “very strong glass made from borosilicate and not some cheap flimsy thin glass.” And, at just $14.49 on Amazon, it's well worth the price!

Functional, comical, and built-to-last, Guzzle Buddy is a perfect way to relax with a “glass” of wine.

Guzzle Buddy Functional Pouring Spout For Bottle Of Wine

Custom Glass That Eliminates Boring Pouring

Comical And Innovative Spout For Bottle Of Wine

Built To Last Spout For Bottle Of Wine

Guzzle Buddy Perfect Way To Relax With A Glass Of Wine

Guzzle Buddy The Must-Have Accoutrement For Bottle Of Wine

Guzzle Buddy Eliminates Pouring A Glass Of Wine

Guzzle Buddy's Comical And Functional Spout For Bottle Of Wine

The Must-Have Accoutrement For Wine Lovers

Guzzle Buddy's Customized Glass For Drinking Wine

Guzzle Buddy Wine Glass

Pouring Is Boring Guzzle Buddy

Plug It And Chug It Guzzle Buddy

Guzzle Buddy Infomercial

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