Heinz Is Giving Away “Ketchup Red” Jigsaw Puzzles to 57 Lucky People

Heinz 570 Piece Ketchup Red Jigsaw Puzzle

Photo: Heinz

Our favorite childhood activities from the pre-Internet age have seen a huge resurgence in quarantining households. Though we often bemoaned our parents’ calls to “play a board game or something” in place of staring at a screen, 2020 has made us shout in jubilation when someone fishes out the dust-covered Monopoly box. Jigsaw puzzles have joined board games in reaching peak entertainment status due to growing quarantine boredom; even news outlets are reporting of actual jigsaw puzzle shortages.

While some companies—like Southern Distillery and White House Foods—have joined on the sanitizer bandwagon and converted their factories to pump out thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer, Heinz has unveiled their quarantine contribution—jigsaw puzzles. The popular condiments company announced on its social media accounts that it is giving away 57 puzzles around 17 countries, in honor of its eponymous label. The brand has only made 57 of these 570 piece “ketchup red” puzzles to be gifted to whoever comments on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts with the name of whoever they would like to finish the puzzle with most.

Brian Neumann, the Senior Brand Manager at Kraft Heinz Canada, says, “Heinz is known for its iconic slow-pouring ketchup. In a period when everyone had a little more time on their hands and puzzle popularity has skyrocketed, we wanted to help pass the time by connecting the two. This puzzle is worth the patience—only this time, you can’t hold it at the perfect angle to solve it.”

Only 57 people are going to win one of the limited edition “ketchup red” Heinz jigsaw puzzles.

Heinz 570 Piece Ketchup Red Jigsaw Puzzle

Photo: Heinz

Heinz 570 Piece Ketchup Red Jigsaw Puzzle

Photo: Heinz

Since only 57 people will take home the ketchup-colored prize, there are many that will be left with a jigsaw itch that has to be scratched. Even if you can't get your hands on Heinz's ketchup puzzle, you can soothe that yearning with one of our own unique puzzles sold at the My Modern Met Store.

Heinz: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

All images via Heinz.

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