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Ethereal Photos Showcase Beautifully Quiet Moments in Nature

Photographer Hidenobu Suzuki views his images as if they’re paintings. Through gorgeous and well-considered compositions, he conveys an ethereal feeling in the Japanese landscapes. Suzuki plays with light, reflection, and field of vision to highlight nature’s splendor. He does a fantastic job of abstracting parts of his photos – occasionally things will appear blurred – so that it feels less like documentation and more as poetry via the camera lens.

“I feel that realism is a more Western style,” Suzuki writes on LensCulture. “Using only rational thinking when creating photography results in better attention to the detail–but there is a tendency to get bored,” he continues. “Working with feelings and looking for emotions is more relaxing and ultimately, more powerful.”

Suzuki intends to express feelings of spirituality in these images, and his love of quiet, contemplative moments is evident. Through them, it’s as if we’re on the journey alone, admiring the purple sky and looking down a foggy path, savoring it all for ourselves.

Hidenobu Suzuki 500px page
via [LensCulture]

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