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The Mesmerizing Art of Cinemagraphs and How to Make Your Own

Feeling inspired? Here’s how to make a cinemagraph.

If you’re tech savvy, you’ll probably want to edit your image using professional software such as Photoshop. The entire process is kindly explained in this video by YouTuber Peter McKinnon. You’ll need a camera with a video feature, a tripod, and plenty of patience. Check out how it’s done below.

If you’re not quite ready to follow a fully professional approach, there’s plenty of other ways to make your own cinemagraphs. One option is a program called Plotagraph Pro. Developed by photographer and artist Troy Plota, the clever software takes any still image, animates it, and saves it as a looping GIF or video file.

Cinemagraph Art

A third option is to explore Flixel’s handy software tools. The Toronto-based start-up was founded in 2011 and created an app to make GIFs. Today, they’re best known for their sophisticated program, Cinemagraph Pro, a simplified process that “makes cinemagraph creation fun, fast, and easy.” The platform even has an active community of cinemagraph enthusiasts who share their creations online.

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