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15 Ways for Artists to Sell Their Creative Work Online


How to Sell Art Online

Based in London and Miami, Artfinder has a mix of UK, American, and global artists. In order to join, there is a selection process. Artists are asked to submit their best work and a short statement to be reviewed. Once accepted, it’s as easy as setting up your free storefront. Artfinder takes a 30% commission on sales. Artfinder only allows original artwork—no posters or reproduction prints—and focuses on painting, photography, digital art, collage, sculpture, drawing, and printmaking.



Don’t want to give up a commission on your art? Artplode may be for you. Launched in 2014, the site works with artists, galleries, dealers, and collectors and specializes in original art and limited edition prints and photographs. Instead of taking a commission when an artwork is sold, Artplode simply asks a $60 listing fee for each piece. For an additional fee, they can even set you up with art consultants who can help you market your art to the right collectors and assist in pricing. Artists are also able to decide if they’d like to absorb the cost of shipping or pass the cost directly on to the buyer.



UGallery believes that browsing their online selection of art should be akin to spending a leisurely afternoon visiting your local galleries IRL. Founded in 2006, they take their curation seriously and want to avoid the internet’s seemingly endless outlets for artwork. Instead, they pick each artist and every piece they exhibit, making all artwork exclusive to UGallery. They encourage emerging and mid-career artists to apply to show their pieces. If selected, anything sold will be split 50/50, and the artist ships the work in a custom box (provided by UGallery) from their studio.


How to Sell Art Online

Saatchi Art

When looking for a place to sell your art online, having one of the most respected names in the business on your side isn’t a bad idea. Saatchi Art was founded by Charles Saatchi’s company, and though sold in 2014, still carries the prestigious name. Artists are able to set up a free shop for their original artwork, with pieces ranging from under $500 to over $10,000. The site takes a 35% commission from sales but arranges the shipping and even sends a courier to pick up the artwork—you just need to package it. In exchange, artists are offered exposure to Saatchi’s huge audience, which includes over 1.1 million social media followers and a printed catalog that goes out to over 1 million households.


If you are represented by a gallery, check and see if they are taking advantage of online sales.



Artnet has leveraged partnerships with major auction houses and galleries, combined with news and event listings, to become a point of reference for contemporary art collectors. Working as an online display case for galleries, artists represented by partner galleries can request that galleries place their work on Artnet. Their work will be viewable via the gallery’s listing or the artist listing that shows news, events, auction results, and artwork available.



“Artsy’s mission is to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.” Like Artnet, Artsy isn’t open to individual artists but is worth looking into seeing if your gallery is open to listing your artwork on the site. The venture-funded online gallery caters to the contemporary art world, with live auction bidding, information about art fairs and exhibitions, as well as gallery listings.

Partner galleries are able to list artwork by their represented artists, showcasing their work to a wide audience of potential collectors.


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