Massive Remains of a Volcano Looks Like a Giant Triceratops

In Iceland, there stands a massive rock that looks like a grazing dinosaur called Hvtserkur. The spectacular structure is a natural accent to the landscape that adds an intriguing, mystical touch to the surrounding environment. In fact, legend has it that the colossal boulder was once a giant troll seeking to attack a neighboring abbey, but was petrified into a slab of stone when surprisingly met with the rising sun.

Whether one believes in folklore or not, it adds to the story of Hvtserkur, which used to be a volcano. The structure, as it stands today, is the last remains of a 15-meter-high volcano that has mostly eroded away. The abstract form has managed to stand tall for years, weathering the water and wind. Now, photographers both in and out of Iceland seek to snap shots of the beautiful, monumental rock, adding their own visual story to the origins of the rock that resembles a triceratops.

What do you think Hvtserkur looks like?

Anna Gumundsdottir

David Blaisonneau

Sigfus Sigmudsson

Dale Roddick

Sigfus Sigmudsson

Sigfus Sigmudsson

Sigfus Sigmudsson

Oddur Jnsson

Sigfus Sigmudsson

via [Fubiz]

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