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Installation of 6,000 CDs Creates Colorful Light Reflections

As digital music continues to thrive, CDs are more and more a thing of the past. For the architects of Ignatov Architects, though, the little round discs were the perfect medium for this art project, entitled Mirror Culture. For the interactive installation, the team, along with 128 volunteers, invited residents and visitors of Varna in Bulgaria to help mount more than 6,000 used CDs onto knitted fishing net.

The metallic reflections created a bright and captivating installation that hung over the entrance of the local tourist attraction Sea Garden, the city's oldest and best known public park. The flexible material blew in the wind and created incredible refractions of moving color. Watch the videos below to see the installation and the changing colors in action.

“It was my fascination with the play of light on fish scales and on liquid surfaces that made me think of a flexible mirror,” project coordinator Borislav Ignatov said. “I realized that the optical discs use the same principles of refraction and separation of light as fish scales and I decided to use them for the purpose.”

Ignatov Architects website
via [Slate], [Junkculture]

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