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Some photographers are fortunate enough develop a passion for photography at a very young age. Beck Rocchi’s love began when her father showed her how to use his Nikon when she was just 13-years-old.

“It simply grew from there,” says Rocchi. “He was such a gifted and passionate photographer, and I believe I would never have found it without him. He used to photograph my mom, so beautifully. After that I was always the girl with the camera in her bag. As the years went on and technology advanced it went from a small film camera, to a small digital, to a big digital SLR. I never studied it – but I think that is what makes my style a little different. Its all about how you see the world – and that is in your mind and your heart.”

With such devotion for photography, there's no doubt that Rocchi's work will be an inspiration for people everywhere. “ I feed off new ideas and challenges which means I get restless easily in familiar environments of mundane routine,” she says. “It is an exciting ever-changing pathway for me to continue on!”

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via [Ben Trovato]

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