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Helpful Travel Infographic Compares Average Airbnb Prices with Hotel Rates Around the World

Thanks to Airbnb, travelers have seemingly infinite possibilities of places to stay. The home-sharing site offers all types of dwellings, from opulent estates to a modest bedroom in someone’s apartment. Typically, Airbnb seems like it has the best rates for budget-conscious sightseers–especially when compared with a conventional hotel. But, are you really getting the better deal? Busbud, a website that compares and books bus tickets, created a helpful infographic that analyzes the cost of booking an Airbnb versus a hotel room.

The company compared the average rates of Airbnbs with hotels in the most popular cities in Europe, Australia, and North America. They used data from the Hotels.com price index through the first half of 2015 as well as 218,980 listings from Inside Airbnb.

For many places around the globe, it’s generally cheaper to rent an Airbnb. In the United States, this is true of the Northeast and Pacific Northwest, but if you’re headed to the South, you might opt for a hotel instead. Europe–especially locales like London, Madrid, and Paris–sees the most dramatic cost difference between the two accommodations. By reserving an Airbnb, you can potentially save yourself over $100 a night.

Busbud’s infographic is a fantastic reference for booking your next trip. Check out their entire findings, below.

In the United States (including Toronto, Canada):

In Europe and Australia:

The cost difference around the world:

Busbud: Website
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