Unique Solar Pavilion with Angular Photovoltaic Panels

As part of the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, Endesa Pavilion is an energy efficient venue designed by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. The abstractly designed architecture is equipped with photovoltaic panels on the angular, multi-level roofs that ultimately optimize the space's energy efficiency. Additionally, the structure is purposely made of wood because of its natural properties that are beneficial for design adaptability, ease of use, and thermal insulation.

Located at the Olimpic Port of Barcelona, the solar-powered pavilion offers a refreshing silhouette to the beachside landscape and has, thus far, served as a “testbed for informational grid technologies.” As explained in the project's statement: “During one year it will perform as a meeting point for knowledge interchange as well as a benchmark for smart grid technologies.” Perhaps most interesting about this structure are the “solar bricks” embedded into it, making Endesa Pavilion more than your average building. The solar bricks not only insulate and protect the space from solar radiation, but they are also serve as devices for storing information about the energy collected and used.

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia website
via [Contemporist]

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