Introducing Our New Health Editor: Annie Lee

Though we all love our design, photography and art, here at theMET, we believe that you come here for more than that. It's the social interaction, it's learning from each other that keeps this site fresh and interesting. As a modern lifestyle site, we also believe that we're not just pigeonholed into a few categories. Rather, we're all about expanding our knowledge and finding all things creative, inspirational and relevant. If you hadn't noticed, lately we've been getting some great health advice from a person named Annie Lee. Not only has she been an active member of this site since its inception, she's written some fantastic posts on healthy living. Educating us on everything from vertical farming to Jamie Oliver's new show, Food Revolution, Annie is our guru or go-to person when we want to find health related advice that's applicable to our lives. That's why, just recently, Annie became theMET's official Health Editor. Congrats, Annie! I was able to catch up with Annie and ask her a few questions about her own blog, HealthSetter. What sets the HealthSetter apart from other blogs is that Annie does a great job of researching and then applying that information to our modern lives. ___ 1. What's your background? In my Undergraduate program I studied Psychology and Education. I am currently getting my Masters in Nutrition and just one step away from being a licensed Registered Dietitian. 2. Why did you decide to study health? I felt the effects of poor diet and exercise during college. I was constantly tired and found it impossible to stay awake in class. Then fate introduced me to a health magazine with the headline, “beat fatigue.” I learned that processed foods and lack of exercise were the cause of my exhaustion. After changing my lifestyle, my energy went through the roof. From that point on, I knew I had to learn more. 3. Why did you start HealthSetter? I started HealthSetter because I was frustrated with what was out there. So many “health” sites provide un-researched, misleading information. As someone studying nutrition, it's hard to watch people fall victim to fads while paying the price with their health. 4. What do you hope people will get out of the information on your site? My hope is to empower everyone to take health into their own hands. I try to provide a variety of information so everyone has something to take away. We are all different and have different needs; the information on HealthSetter tries to address that. 5. What do you think is our biggest health problem? Taking in more than we use. Obesity is a growing problem, and one we'll be seeing for a while. 6. What are some of the health trends you see today? I think people are realizing the importance of balance. We're moving away from extreme diets, extreme fitness, and going back to basics. Another growing trend is green living. The movement encourages the use of fresh, organic ingredients for optimal health. ___ Thanks Annnie for agreeing to be a part of this site. We're so lucky to have you! Also, everyone, please head on over to HealthSetter to check it out yourself! It's a great, daily read.

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