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Gull Feathers Suspended in Magnificent Geometric Shapes

French artist Isa Barbier suspends gull feathers in geometric arrangements, determining each piece's composition on site. The artist maintains the light and airiness of her chosen medium while presenting them as a geometric entity. There is a duality in her work that is seamlessly effective at exhibiting shape and form as well as abstract freedom. It is this visual juxtaposition of wispy feathers and uniform alignment that especially draws one's attention to each hanging structure's uniquely shaped components.

The artist's statement explains her work: “The geometry does not come from an express decision to organise the space, but results rather from the imprint of a luminous spatial happening… Geometrization removes shapes from any expressive dimension and serves to short-circuit our innate desire to interpret, to find hidden meanings behind an object. Using a smooth and non-representational composition, the work draws attention to its abstract form so as to blossom out in its total sensitivity.”

Top image by Jean-Louis Pitteloud

Isa Barbier website
via [Colossal, Documents d'artistes, ferme-asile, exibart]

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