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Adorable Dog Balances All Types of Objects on His Head

Australian Cattle Dog Jack is one talented canine! The adorable pooch exhibits his skilled ability to balance just about anything on his head. Jack's owners, Nicole and her boyfriend Trey, decided to share his impressive balancing act on reddit through a series of photos uploaded to Imgur. After their first set of images received attention, they continued to interact with commenters and take requests for more things that Jack could steadily pile on his head.

The dog's flair for stacking things on his head is clear as he takes on multiple rolls of toilet paper, a frying pan, an egg, a bottle of wine, a beaker of water, a laptop, a flask filled with coins, a tea kettle, and so much more! Jack even winds up balancing the blanket he's seated on throughout the impromptu photo shoot and ends up being balanced himself by one of his owners. Of course, the owners assure everyone that Jack has also been rewarded with treats and praises the whole time.

via [BuzzFeed, reddit]

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