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Sweetest Mash-Up: Star Wars x Norman Rockwell

Artist James Hance is on a tear! First he showed us the cutest mash-up with his Star Wars x Up print, and now he's back with an awesome tribute to Norman Rockwell. Taking one of Rockwell's classic and most recognizable paintings called Boy and Girl Gazing at Moon (Puppy Love), he's put his own Star Wars spin on it. (Puppy Love appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post, published April 24, 1926.)

Hance calls this print Little Rebels. Love how he even replaced the puppy in Rockwell's piece with his adorable character Wookie the Chew. “Hope I've done Mr Rockwell some justice,” he says on his Facebook page. “On to the next one!”

Prints are available on James Hance's website.

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