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Underwater Sculptures Celebrate Life on Earth and Protect Aquatic Ecosystems

Art and environmental activism often go hand in hand. Such is the case with Jason deCaires Taylor‘s incredible aquatic sculptures that seek to celebrate and protect the amazing underwater landscapes of our Earth. His pieces explore the symbiosis between art, nature, and man, with breathtaking installations that evolve and grow through the effects of one on another. With Earth Day having just passed us by, we wanted to commemorate this artist's exciting union of art with the natural world.

Taylor's work functions on a number of levels, drawing attention to environmental issues and actively encouraging marine biodiversity as the sculptures themselves mature over time. Much of the ocean floor is too unstable to support a reef system, so Taylor's creations are able to encourage ecosystems to flourish. His carvings serve as artificial reefs, attracting corals and marine species while diverting the attention of tourists away from other fragile reef networks to allow for their natural rejuvenation. Special marine-grade cement, free of harmful substances, is used in his work and the rough texture of his statues help coral larvae to hold on and begin to grow.

Simultaneously conveying hope and despair for the state of the world, his poignant displays demonstrate the power of a single person's imagination and drive to speak out against the destruction of the environment. Taylor's newest aquatic creation was recently released at an underwater museum off the coast of Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands. He also has other stunning collections, including one along the River Thames, and another off the coast of Cancun, Mexico.

Sculpture made from micro plastics washed up by the Atlantic Ocean

Jason deCaires Taylor: Website | Instagram | Facebook
via [Instagram Blog]

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