Behind the Scenes Photos of Popular Films by Jeff Bridges

Famed actor Jeff Bridges is a multitalented man who has expanded his creative skill set from acting on film to capturing images from behind the lens. In fact, he's managed to overlap his passion for film and photography by snapping shots on set, during his downtime. The legendary film star reveals the busy back end of film making without the glitz and the glamour.

Nearly 30 years since he first began his personal behind-the-scenes project in 1984, Bridges has amassed quite a collection of mementos from his time on film sets. From his role as “The Dude” on The Big Lebowski to playing the one-eyed U.S. Marshall “Rooster” Cogburn in True Grit, Bridges jumped in and out of character, switching between his role as an actor and a photographer between takes.

Using his Widelux camera, the passionate photographer was able to capture a wide assortment of monochromatic images throughout the years that include the cast and crew taking breaks, actors getting their hair and makeup done, the wonders of green screen, and even a few fun photos of fellow famous thespians like Matt Damon imitating the comedy and drama masks of commedia dell'arte.

A collection of Bridges' photography has been published in his book titled Pictures and the multifaceted artist has just recently been honored by the 29th annual Infinity Awards with a nomination for his photography.

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