Stunning Fire Opal Looks Like a Blazing Sunset in the Clouds

Florida-based gemstone enthusiast Jeff Schultz captures a stunning image of a Mexican Fire Opal that, depending on how you visually interpret it, looks like a beautiful sunset in the clouds or a fiery explosion with billowing smoke. Though the collector is a groundskeeper at State College of Florida by day, his fascination with opals and various gems has resulted in a vast accumulation of the intriguing gemstones, each one with unique attributes.

Like the spectacular Opal Butte crystal we discovered earlier this month, Shultz's incredible opal is especially eye-catching when exposed to light, which reflects and disperses throughout. Shultz shares a second image of the same opal from a different angle, revealing just how essential lighting and perspective are when viewing the gemstones. It's like a hidden little universe that awakes with light.

Jeff Schultz on Flickr
via [reddit]

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