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Vibrant Rainbows of Melted Crayons

When I was a kid, opening a brand new box of crayons was always an exciting moment for me. I loved the rainbow of colors and the perfectly pointy tips lined up all in a row (OK, I still love it!). It seems that Michigan-born artist Jessica Kerbawy has the same affinity for a fresh pack of crayons. Her stunning Crayon Art involves melted rainbows of these colorful waxy sticks. According to her website, the artist uses, “crayons and heat to produce vibrant and hypnotizing artwork.”

Carefully selected palettes and different melting techniques result in variations of the drips and swirls of mixed wax. Kerbawy has even found ways to develop the abstract drips into more tangible forms like the stems of a flower or the shape of a heart. She says, “What I love about Crayon Art is that each pieces is entirely unique, and the color possibilities are endless!”

Jessica Kerbawy's website
Jessica Kerbawy on Etsy

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