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Nomadic Adventures of a Man and His Dog Highlight Their Bond

There are few bonds greater than the love between a dog and its owner. John Stortz is an illustrator and traveler who takes his gorgeous canine called Wolf on adventures around the United States. The duo visits beautiful locales like ghost towns in Nevada, Death Valley in California, and the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Everywhere Stortz goes, he captures his buddy witnessing the same great sights.

In Stortz’s impressive collection of photos, it’s clear the two have an amazing relationship. They visit desolate areas and sleep in a tent, enjoying a nomadic existence that allows them to experience the natural splendor that’s within driving distance. Some images are silly while others are contemplative, and it showcases a journey full of incredible beauty and a deepening companionship.

Stortz catalogs his photos on his Instagram as well as a Tumblr that’s aptly titled, John & Wolf.

Above: Bryce Canyon, UT

Bryce Canyon, UT

Anza-Borrego Morning

Bonneville Salt Flats, UT

Fremont Lake – Pinedale, WY

Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, CA

Convict Lake, CA

Glacier National Park, Montana

Virginia Lakes, California

Lincoln Heights. Los Angeles, CA

Bronson Canyon, CA

Foggy morning in the Anza Borrego desert, CA

Brooklyn, NY

John Stortz: Tumblr | Instagram
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