New Robotic Toy Cat for Seniors Provides a Comforting Furry Friend

Hasbro is creating a new line of “toys” that embrace the idea of inclusivity. After all, children aren't the only ones who deserve to bask in the comfort of a beloved toy. The Joy For All line of Companion Pets is specifically designed for senior citizens, allowing them to have constant companionship in the form of a furry friend. Companion Pet Cat is a lifelike, robotic cat equipped with light and motion sensors that allow it to respond to a person's touch. The robotic cat is equipped with multiple responses–it reacts to being petted by moving its head toward the affectionate hand and offering cooing meows; and petting its back signals the cat to roll over for a belly rub. Companion Pet Cat also contains new vibration technology that generates incredibly realistic purrs.

A lovable companion can make a world of a difference in someone's life and that's exactly what this new toy line aims to do. The Companion Pet Cat is now available to purchase online.

Joy For All: Website | Amazon
via [Toyland]

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