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Playful “Exploded Chair” Illusion Looks Like a Seat That’s Falling Apart Right Under You

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Student Joyce Lin is a designer in her final year obtaining a dual degree at RISD and Brown. Majoring in furniture design and biology, her unique mix of talents is clear in her piece, titled Exploded Chair.

Made from maple and acrylic, Lin’s design plays on the illusion of a deconstructed chair. By encasing the wood in clear acrylic, it’s as though we see through to the skeleton of the work. And while our natural inclination is to believe that the wood is doing the heavy lifting, the clear acrylic case is what gives support.

Thus, the “bones” of the chair are false—an illusion used to capture our imagination. Instead, by placing the maple in a display case, Lin highlights how the pieces interconnect. In this way, she shows us how, if they were joined, they would come together to form a classic chair.

Exploded Chair is really a dissection of materials, and a play on expectation that showcases Lin’s innovative thinking toward the art of furniture design.

innovative furniture designinnovative furniture designinnovative furniture designinnovative furniture designdeconstructed furniture design

Lin’s sketches and process images show the carefully planning behind her furniture design.

innovative furniture designmaple chair furniture designmaple chair furniture designJoyce Lin: Website | Instagram | Behance
h/t: [Homecrux]

All images via Joyce Lin.

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