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Beautiful Surreal Paintings of Daydreaming Maidens

Seattle-based artist Kari-Lise Alexander, who simply goes by Kari-Lise, paints surreal portraits of females enveloped by nature. Inspired by her Scandinavian heritage, the painter focuses her art around themes of Norwegian folklore. She explains, “Innocent maidens float in worlds of their own making, oftentimes losing themselves in their daydreams.”

Kari-Lise's body of work has an overwhelmingly dreamy appeal to it. The paintings incorporate a myriad of fantasy-driven inspiration that is populated by nature and its inhabiting, innocent creatures. They appear to be heavily influenced by fairy tales filled with wandering and harmless young girls, dreaming mermaids, and scheming seductresses. Altogether, Kari-Lise's series of works weave a world full of magical imagery in an ethereal environment.

Kari-Lise website
Kari-Lise on Facebook
via [Gaks]

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