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Colorful Kaleidoscope Dome Dazzles in Hong Kong

A new public art installation has sprung up in Shatin Park in Hong Kong that's dazzling those who enter. Kaleidome, by LAAB, is a dome shaped structure made up of 262 polyhedral cells of polished stainless steel. Each cell is like a small window out into the world. Similar to a kaleidoscope, when you put your face in the center of a cell, your face appears multiplied because of the mirror-like surfaces.

As LAAB states, “Kaleidome reflects a blossom of light-and-shadow interplay, offering constantly changing moments that captivate the souls of urban strollers. In this public artwork, viewers are also creators. Together, they make various compositions of color-tinted reflections that transform the empty plaza into a flourished garden.”

LAAB is a group of artists, architects, engineers, craftsmen who use state-of-the-art fabrication machines to create unique works of art. In this structure, each cell was laser cut and folded according to a parametric model. The cells were tinted in various shades of red and blue with very thin layers of paint so that it preserved the reflectiveness of the mirror-like finish.

How is the work unique? “It's unique to our industry because it's a pioneering project that demonstrates how we use computation design and digital fabrication to construct a dome with Voronoi cells in an elegant execution.”

The work has brought excitement to the quiet Shatin town community. “At the opening, we were happy to see smiles and excitement on the face of local community workers, students, teachers, kids, grannies, and families,” states LAAB. “Because of the techniques used, an expat investment banker with mathematics background invited us for an hour discussion on Voronoi geometry and systemic repetition. While looking at the artwork, grey-hair couples also expressed their gratitude and hopes for a more colorful park in their neighborhood.

The project was created for Jockey Club Community Arts Biennale 2015. It will be on view until tomorrow, May 6.

LAAB's website

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