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Day-to-Day Calendar Is Cleverly-Designed as 3D Topographical Map

When you think of a day-to-day calendar, the words “off-roading” don’t necessarily come to mind. But thanks to art director Zeynep Orbay and the TBWA Istanbul agency, we now do. They designed a daily 2014 calendar for Land Rover, a car manufacturer whose vehicles are known for their bold four-wheel-drive capabilities. The innovatively-crafted project is a three-dimensional version of a classical topographical map where each color level represents a different month of the year.

The calendar is meant to reflect the adventurous spirit of Land Rover. Its paper terrain features soft, Earth-toned colors that are reminiscent of an elevated landscape. As you peel away the passing days, you descend the map and the year begins to come to a close. Each tear-off sheet includes the number of days that are left in 2014, and it could perhaps serve as a small reminder to make the most out of your journey.

Zeynep Orbay website and TBWA Istanbul website
via [Fubiz and Creative Review]

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