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Sleek Carbon-Fiber Electric Bike Is Perfect for the Commuter

The bike ride to work just got more exciting. It comes in the form of the Leaos Electric Bike, a light-weight cycle originally modeled after the famous Vespa scooter. This futuristic-looking bike is designed and handmade in Italy and is produced out of carbon fiber. Leaos looks sleek and modern while still being packed with features.

This bike comes complete with Nuvinci automatic shifting, carbon fiber mudguards, handlebars with integrated display, and a lighting system from the German company Supernova. It’s complemented by a high-powered battery manufactured by BMZ USA. Additionally, it features a redesigned engine that makes for a smoother ride, higher torque, and the ability to reach speeds of almost 30 miles per hour.

Leaos’s customizable frame is designed as a unisex-style bike. It has a variety of colorways, equipment options, and accessories, all of which is built to your exact specifications. Commuting on it everyday is no problem. It’s meant as a low maintenance way to liven up your urban trek.

Leaos website
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